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chocolats moulés



The molding technique is the best known technique in Belgium. These are the famous pralines of different shapes.

The couverture chocolate is poured into a polycarbonate mold. This is then turned over to obtain a thin layer of basic chocolate. Once the mold has cooled, it is then filled with a praliné, a ganache or a caramel. Finally, the mold should be closed with a thin layer of chocolate coating.


The pralines are unmoulded easily because the chocolate, if it is properly tempered, contracts when cooling.

pralines Saint-Nicolas
ganaches coupées guitare



The coating technique is also a very interesting technique which consists of creating the inside of the praline which will then be coated with chocolate.

The interior is cast in a frame. Once cooled the frame is cut into small square or rectangular shapes.

The shapes then pass through a coating machine which covers them with a very thin layer of chocolate. A blower system removes excess chocolate, providing a nice finish.

Decorating with a fork or using transfer paper allows you to decorate and differentiate the pralines.

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