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chocolat de couverture



We have the pleasure of working with Valrhona chocolates for both the cover and the inside of our pralines. The couverture chocolates have been produced in Tain l'Hermitage in the Rhône valley since 1922. Valrhona is synonymous with fine chocolate for starred chefs, pastry chefs and chocolate makers.

The well-known Belgian couverture chocolates are based on a Belgian flavor palette, which is distinctly sweet. At Valrhona, the chocolate flavor of each variety is much more pronounced.

Valrhona is B CORPORATION® certified, which guarantees that the company is committed to acting for a better world throughout its processes.

sachet chocolat noir Valrhona Caraïbe

Valrhona CARAÏBE 66%.

Our chocolates are coated with Valrhona CARAÏBE 66% chocolate. Created in 1988, CARAÏBE is a very balanced chocolate, with seductive roundness and softness. It comes from a complex marriage of aromatic profiles of cocoas typical of the Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Jamaica and Togo, revealing round chocolate notes and toasted dried fruits, on a slightly woody finish.

Its cocoa content is 66%.

Sachet chocolat noir Valrhona Manjari

Valrhona MANJARI 64%

For our Madagasacar, yuzu and raspberry ganaches, we work with Valrhona MANJARI chocolate, Grand Cru de Terroir.

Valrhona created MANJARI in 1990, its 1er Grand Cru de Terroir, and this one quickly became one of the great classics of Valrhona thanks to its acidic and fruity profile characteristic of Malagasy beans.

Its cocoa content is 64%.

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Valrhona AMATIKA 46%

Our pralines are also coated with Valrhona AMATIKA vegan milk chocolate. Amatika 46% is the first Grand Cru of Valrhona Vegan chocolate, born in the heart of the plantations of Madagascar. This delicious chocolate combines the sweetness and creaminess of almonds with the aromatic power of pure cocoa from Madagascar. An unrivalled taste and texture to meet the demands and creativity of pastry chefs and craftsmen the world over.


Its cocoa content is 46%.

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