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Assortment of hearts

1 Box of 9 hearts and roses pralines in dark chocolate and/or plant-based milk chocolate:


one of the following flavours:


  • Grand Cru Madagscar dark chocolate rose - dark chocolate

  • hazelnut praliné hearts with hazelnut chips - dark chocolate and plant-based milk chocolate

  • caramel Fleur de Sel hearts - dark chocolate and plant-based milk chocolate 

  • passion fruit ganache heart - plant-based milk chocolate

  • raspberry ganache heart - dark chocolate

  • macadamia nut praliné hearts - plant-based chocolate and dark chocolate.


Dark couverture chocolate 66% (Valrhona)
46% vegetable milk couverture chocolate (Valrhona)
Entirely vegetable - Lactose free



Consume within 4 weeks.


Ideal conservation: 14 at 18°C

Prefer an unheated room (bedroom, cellar, garage,..) rather than the refrigerator which is too cold and too humid._cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b -136bad5cf58d_


If you still choose the fridge, choose the bottom of the fridge and keep the pralines in their original packaging , closed to avoid humidity. Take out the pralines 30 minutes before tasting.



A favorite taste, an allergy?Do not hesitate to mention your wishes in the comments of your order so that we can take them into account and prepare your custom box.




Assortment of hearts





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