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A praline is a mixture of sugar and crushed dried fruits such as hazelnuts, walnuts, almonds, pistachios, ...

Peanuts, also called peanuts, are not part of dried fruits but are actually legumes. We then speak of peanut paste instead of praline.

Most of the time the mixture is 50% sugar and 50% dried fruit. Sugar being very inexpensive, a praline with a high content of dried fruit will obviously be more expensive.

To obtain a tasty interior, we add chocolate couverture as well as cocoa butter to the praline.

Currently the sugar / dried fruit praline is not yet homemade. The objective will be to make the praline in the workshop from crushed dried fruits mixed with sugar.



A ganache is a mixture of chocolate and crème fraîche, condensed milk or other dairy substitute.

In our workshop we use coconut milk or almond milk.

A ganache can be prepared as it is with an original chocolate whose taste is sufficient in itself or add other ingredients to make a thousand different ganaches: lemon, orange, coffee, earl gray, cardamom, spices, .. .

A ganache created without preservative should be consumed within 3 to 4 weeks while a praline will be valid for 2-3 months because it does not contain any dairy product.



The caramel interiors consist of caramelized sugar and crème fraîche heated to a boil . You can add butter, salt, spices.

Finally, it is possible to add chocolate to obtain a chocolate caramel.

Butter and crème fraîche are replaced by vegetable alternatives such as coconut oil and cream or vegetable milk

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